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Our focus is on helping our patients to achieve a higher quality of life by treating the root cause and symptoms of chronic illnesses. We use scientific evidence-based diagnostic techniques to understand the problem on hand and then apply integrated medical care solutions to address the medical problem. The pillars of sustainable health are hope, belief and above all else, nutrition. By focusing on providing the body with the resources it needs to heal itself, 3-dimensional health can be achieved in mind, body and soul.


We begin with a through understanding of the medical problem and prescribe a course of treatment that has its roots in traditional and integrative medicine – clinical cupping therapy and cellular nutritional medicine. Our comprehensive integrated medical care also includes a combination of dietary guidelines, traditional therapies and very specific (and light) exercise. By following the prescribed treatment, the patient will be able to achieve a higher quality of life and given enough time, regain their normal lives again.

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Team of Professionals

Samanta Crane

Internist, General Practitioner
Working since 1988

Ostin Green

Internist, Emergency Physician
Working since 2002

Norman Colins

Surgeon, Сardiologist
Working since 2008

Harry Poterson

Internist, Orthopedic Surgeon
Working since 2012